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Contact Us

To become a Dealer: sales@beringoptics.com

General and Technical Questions: optics@beringoptics.com

Service and Warranty requests: service@beringoptics.com


To obtain service for the product covered by the warranty, please follow the below outlined steps. Any service requests that are not covered by the Bering Optics warranty, shall also follow the below procedure.

Please do not ship any products without prior contacting Bering Optics and setting up the service request.

- Start a service request by sending an email to service@beringoptics.com. The email shall include the following:

  • Compete contact data: first and last name, shipping address, daytime phone number and email address
  • Product model name and the product serial number (S/N). S/N is the number located on the product body.
  • Description of the problem. Please be mindful of the attachment sizes. Any images or video files larger than 5MB shall be sent using the file sharing link.

- Once get the response email, please follow the instructions sent by the Bering Optics customer care team.

- When shipping the device for service, please kindly pack the device in the soft carrying case or pouch for protection and ship in the sturdy box of a suitable size. Please do not use the product gift box as a shipping box.

- Please drop your parcel at the authorized shipping location you trust, always record the tracking number and take the receipt form the shipping point clerk, if available.