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D-950 ELITE HD Gen3 / Gen3+ / Gen3+ B&W Night Vision clip-on attachment
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Day-Night Systems
> D-950 ELITE HD Gen3 / Gen3+ / Gen3+ B&W Night Vision clip-on attachment
(BE73950HD, BE73950HDU, BE73950HDUW)

High Definition (HD) multicoated optics- latest development

Superior for long and medium range distances shooting
Excellent detection and recognition ranges
Multicoated night optics

Rugged, compact and lightweight

Precise internal lens focusing mechanism
Protected against excess light exposure
Manual Gain control
Integrated Weaver rail
Mountable in front of day optics with lens diameter ranging from 24mm to 60mm
Integrated maunting rail
Waterproof and dustproof
Photo/video equipment adaptable
Elite Gen 3+ 3-years warranty



D-950 Night Vision attachment is one of the most compact and lightweight NV attachments in the world, measuring 8.5” (215mm) long and weighing 27oz (765g). D-950 mounts directly in-front of the daytime optics using a clip-on or side mounting system. The advantage of the night vision attachment is quick and easy conversion of the daytime scope for nighttime operation since no re-zeroing is required. Precise optics assures that there is no shift of the impact point eliminating the need for daytime scope adjustments.


The kit comes with a flip-up protective lens cap; a clip-on adaptor with a quick release lever and a custom-sized fitting ring, all packed in a tactical protective pouch. There is an optional side mount to mount D-950 onto the rifle in-line with the daytime tactical sight that can have magnification from 2.0x to 20.0x.


There are three options to select image intensifier tube: a specially selected autogated Thin Film Gen 3, high-end unfilmed Gen 3+ and white phosphor based technology B&W unfilmed Gen 3+ with 64-72 lp/mm resolution.

All modifications of D-950 can be used as a NV viewer when coupled with a 2.0x eye piece (optional). D-950 is covered by a 2-year warranty.


BE73950HD-Thin Film Gen3
64 lp/mm

BE73950HDU, BE73950HDUW- Unfilmed Gen3+
64-72 lp/mm, Unfilmed B&W Gen3+
64-72 lp/mm


Product Modification

D-950U Gen 3+ Elite

D-950UW Gen 3+ Elite

Product SKU#



Magnification, x



Optical system



Image intensifier tube classification

Unfilmed Gen 3+

B&W Unfilmed Gen 3+

Manual gain

64 - 72

IIT resolution, Ip/mm


Image intensifier tube s/n ratio

1:27 or better

Field of view at distance 100 yard/m, yard/ m

14 / 13

Focus range, yard/ m

11 / 10 to infinity

Exit pupil, mm


Detection range, approx., yard/m
-quarter moon
-cloud cover

710 / 650
600 / 550

Recognition range, approx., yard/m
-quarter moon
-cloud cover

/ 460
395 / 360

Overall dimensions, in/ mm

8.5” x 2.6” x 3.2”/ 215x67x81

Weight, oz/ g

27 / 765

Power supply

CR123 battery (one)

Estimated battery life, hour

up to 60

Operating temperature, °F/ °С

-40 to +122 / -40 to +50

Water intrusion

Meets IPX67 rating

Humidity, %

up to 98%

In Box


  • D-950U NV Attachment
  • Protective carrying pouch
  • Front lens flip-up protective cap
  • CR123 lithium battery
  • Lens cleaning tissue
  • Instruction manual

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (sold separately)

    Customized adaptors for multiple day time optics
    Side mount (BE80411)
    Range of IR Illuminators and designators
    2.0x eyepiece (BE80220)
    Hard case
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